Et Al. Magazine

The #TBT Issue

Issue III, Summer 2015

“Now it seems we don’t even need our own memories, or at least the material of those memories; all we need is the emotional response to that past. We’re in an era plagued by ‘false nostalgia,’ nostalgia for a time we were never in.”

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The Food Issue

Issue II, Spring 2015

“ ‘Crumb, clear, water’—that’s all an assistant server technically does, but a good one keeps things moving in your section. An extra thirty seconds in between courses with a bad one and food starts getting stuck on the pass, the expo needs to re-fire something, Chef notices, starts asking what the hell is going on.”

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The First Issue

Issue I, Spring 2014

“We present here a group of writers who have the temerity to publish our own voices investigating something curious that took hold of our attention.”

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